Established in 2011, Thai Natural Wood Product is a manufacturer and exporter of wood sculpture and home interior lighting. Handmade from naturally fallen wood collected in the forests of Northern Thailand, these delightful items are first shaped by the elements into organic jungle driftwood. A tree falls, the rain and sun wash and smooth the surface, leaving an unusual swirled root fragment or length of trunk which may linger for months or years before being discovered. Each piece is cleaned and gently shaped, then smoothed and waxed into its final form.

Our factory is located in Lampang Province, the northern of Thailand. We keep on developing innovative home decorative product. These days, our products consist of many varieties of modern designs. Each piece represents a unique work of art, which reflects an elegant craftsmanship of artisans. These unique treasures will not only add charm to your peacefully home but they are also perfect as gift and collectibles.

Our main objective is to deeply concern about quality of production along with fast and trustworthy service at reasonable price.

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